Kinkoid Team Halloween Special

Hi Kinksters!    We’ve had a blast of nostalgia and spooks over the last 2 weeks listing movies, books, games and creepypastas for a perfect Spooktober and thrilling Halloween spirit. 

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Most of you have noticed the disappearance of the Tower of Fame Leaderboard. The Arena will also disappear from the Town map to make space for the exciting new feature:

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Activies page

  What are Activities? Activities is the place where you can earn ingame resources such as Affection items, Gear, Experience, Pachinko Orbs, Yhen, Kobans and even recruits!    What are

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The Events

What are Events? Participating in events can provide all sorts of rewards such as Orbs, Experience, Kobans, Gear, Recruits, etc. If you are wondering how events work and what are

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The gaming medium is arguably the most successful one in inducing horror. It’s much more interactive than a movie and just as spooky as a book. And worst of all? The fate of the main character depends entirely on you. - #blog #kinkoid #gaming #halloween

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene! Kinkoid Staff members share their top 5 Halloween spooks! Get ready for a Halloween Quarantine Pandemic Stay-Home Special 🎃 - #kinkoid #Halloween #blog #special #TOP5

Outlast is the epitome of survival horror games. In order to survive, the player must either run or hide from enemies. Combat is not possible. Any attempt to fight back results in death. - #blog #kinkoid #gaming #halloween

Halloween is almost upon us and what better to do to celebrate it than some good ol’ horror games? We’ve searched far and wide for the wildest spooks, jumpscares, heart attack-inducing horror games out there! #blog #kinkoid #gaming #halloween

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