Watch how the kinky happens – our amazing artists let you behind the scenes of a Haremette creation.    

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Hentai Heroes & Gay Harem PAYMENT OPTIONS

The Haremverse has always been and will remain free for everyone who seeks adventure and loves horny Haremettes. But to give your gameplay an extra boost and enhance your assets, we have a few ways for you to get the special bundles and offers.

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We have always been and remain true to our mission: to provide positive and sexy entertainment. Making games that we are proud of and exciting players are just some of the things that can’t be bought with money, even if you have credit cards. We will not stay silent when big corporations are bullying our friends.

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Food + Sex = Fun

Fun with Food   Nothing turns me on more than a naked chef. Apron only, black latex gloves, a utensil in hand, and I’m ready to be prepped up however

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1★ Recruits

1★ Recruits The Haremerse is a place of lust, freedom, acceptance, and power. But power is not always something we should be after. Sometimes we need to enjoy the fruits of

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Spring is Sexy!

Spring is sexy (and that’s a cultural fact!) Spring is coming and apparently – it is not the only one that’s doing it! There is just something about this season.

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Porn VS Hentai

Over the last few years now, a particular debate has been gathering momentum. Porn  Vs  Hentai    But because that makes no sense, let’s think of it as Live-action vs Animated. 

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The Future of Hentai Clicker

Dear Healers, We are pausing (at least for this year 2021) content creation and development of the game. We might restart development and art creation next year, but that’s not

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Honey Crush Review

  It seems that after a lot of people saw Pewdiepie play a nutaku game in the promotion he did, folks have shown an increased interest in adult games and

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We create single-player games, but that doesn’t mean you have to play them alone! We invite you to the most social feature of the Haremverse up to date: the Club

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Ever wondered what it would be like to do it with a superhero? It might not turn out how you think it would. - #supermansex

Not all food has to be eaten. Not all sex has to be hungry. We look at what can actually be fun and what should probably stay on the screen - #foodsex #sexandfood #foodfetish #foodie #kinkoid #blog

With great power comes greatly complicated sex. But that shouldn't necessarily stop you - #superherosex #kinky

Superheroes have sex with each other all the time. But what would really happen if they turned their affections to us mere mortals? - #supersex

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