Kinkoid is 4!

Amazing heroes! When we were growing up, heroes in the books had parties that went on for three days and nights. But now Kinkoid is growing up and we like

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Sex Dolls of the Future

Since ancient history, men have been excited about the idea of a synthetic sex partner – someone with no limits, no headaches, no requirement for financial support. From leather dummies

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Top 5 Entry Level Visual Novels

While “eroge” in itself simply means erotic game and does not depict a genre or gameplay, the most popular eroges are often visual novels. Diving into the world of eroge

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Kink of the Week – Milfy City

If we’re talking about a breakthrough in western adult visual novels, Milfy City is probably one of the most significant examples. No game has taken the market by storm quite

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Legendary Contests: The Prize

Greetings, potent heroes!   We are very excited to invite you to participate in the Legendary Contests and join this brand new event. From the 25th (1pm UTC+2) to the

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A very admirable part of the game - but also somewhat of a limitation - is that the game allows you to select your sexual orientation - straight, bi, or gay. -

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Project QT is a surprising game coming out of China. A place where porn is about as illegal as @SouthPark -

#blog #kinkoid #game #review

Yareel is an adult dating oriented game, in which you create your avatar, assign their gender and sexual orientation, customize their appearance and kinks, and enter a cute little world of bars, flirts, hookups and fun. -

#blog #gaming #review #article

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