Blizzard-Activision goes Leeroy Jenkins on the Chinese Dictatorship Dungeon, yolo – phat lewt?!

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Leeroy Classic –

The latest news exploding on the gaming community right now is that Activision – Blizzard kicked out a Hearthstone player Chung Ng Wai alias “Blitzchung” from a tournament because he said “Freedom for Hong Kong” in support for the various protests shaking down there lately. As they also denied his winnings they figured the remaining shotgun shells would go to waste and instead fired the two hosts of the stream, just because why not?

The r/Blizzard subreddit was shut down to new posters for a little bit. But that was reversed and it’s now flooded with reactions to the situation. It also verifies the story that a single moderator took that action and then deleted their account. Right now as of writing this, the subreddit is full of varying levels of disdain for the company.

The Activision page can be noted for its much higher levels of hostility. Blizzard at least has some goodwill to burn from the past and apparently people respect their mods more. You can clearly measure the difference in company reputation on that alone.

They were both already well embroiled in recent turmoil and insider leaks about company politics, fading values and cutthroat behaviors among other things. Adding a basic humanity scandal just set the whole thing on fire.

While this is not directly tied to the sexy hentai stuff, we usually bring you. It does tie into the ridiculous levels of censorship western companies have been undergoing lately to appease the Chinese.

I could talk about it at length, but Southpark already swiftly responded to the situation.

“You know what they say – you have to lower your ideals of freedom if you want to suck on the warm tit of China.”

The adults in the rooms of Blizzard surely remember that China is the market that averted the catastrophe that was going to be the Warcraft movie by adding half a billion dollars to the mix.

That’s far from the only cash the company gets off there. The west and the east are almost equal in revenue share.

This is completely uncharted territory, they have no idea what they are doing. Someone over their is just clenching their fists and hoping that they can just stay home and warm themselves up with some hentai while the shitstorm blizzard running through the western community burns itself out, as they maintain radio silence while their spreadsheet people are telling them it’s all worth it.

What can they say? The best PR in the world can’t salvage this.

So far they have quietly edited separate versions of games to appease the dictatorship and ran parallel services. Eventually, someone in hollywood decided to start saving even more money and directly make cinema for world premiere according to Chinese sensibilities.

Dancing around the limitations was inevitably going to produce notable conflicts sooner or later. What remains to be seen is whether Western players care about basic human liberty enough to have an effect, or this will fade with low impact, the same way a variety of activism has in the past. This is certainly what Activision-Blizzard executives are praying for right now.

For a long time, the English speaking world had mildly complained that it’s swamped by soulless profiteering devoid of any dignity. This, of course, has happened numerous times in other industries in the various decades. Boomers had the trained ability to look the other way. Perhaps the newer generations are tired enough of this to have a real effect.

You can bet that somewhere at Blizzard right now someone is asking a question: “Isn’t it a good idea to keep Blizzcon 2019 without any Q&A sessions / microphones for the audience?”

Right now people are just deleting their accounts and trying to use Overwatch character Mei as a symbol for democracy hoping that the government would ban the game in China.

You can be sure that provocative Winnie the Pooh and Mei cosplayers will be turning up at the convention.

Events like this will certainly be drawn to the public’s attention more often than ever before. And given how the Diablo Immortal announcement went down it will be a miracle if the upcoming convention isn’t a shitshow even though its rumored they have big game announcements to make.

The sad irony is that however awful you think the Chinese are, at least they take immediate and decisive action on their beliefs. Apparently the best we can do is to suck on our thumbs and hide in our expensive corporate offices hoping the shit goes away on its own. With this low level of backbone is it any wonder our various companies are rife with corruption, abuse and weapons-grade bullshit.

The Chinese came out of dirt and poverty, they are kinda living in a toxic wasteland, but they’ll be fine. What is going to happen to us when we utterly sell out everything our ancestors ever struggled for?

In case there are hot takes that are missing, this is a shitstorm in full force right now. No doubt people in all kinds of positions are panicking and making stupid decisions as you are reading this. The salt mines are at full force, there will be many more highlight moments before the dust settles down.

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