Breeders of Nephelym Review

Hey there naughty!


Those of us who have been lurking around for some time on dodgy websites for some glimmer of good hentai, we’re always wondering when the more mmos kind of thing will venture into adult territory.

And then the furries get there first 🙂 No doubt there has been a lot of unfilled demand for quality furry content ever since Breeding season fell apart.

It is not multiplayer but, you can easily mistake it for that kind of cartoony mmo.  Breeders of the Nephelym steps up as a one-man army developer offering a very slick looking … what shall we call it – A sexy 3d adventure game about horny fantasy creatures.

If we look past the fact that it’s still a work in progress, the reception has been pretty good, and people seem to be enjoying the visuals just as much as the variety of fun gameplay.

You start off with a fairly decent character editor, where obviously you could also modify your genitals to a certain extent.

Or you are a casual player who got pranked to review the game – you walk in to see a naked penis and immediately rush your pants on the hell out of there. Much like this dude who unwittingly discovered kinky sex games exist in the world. Now you get a voice recording of how Kotaku reporters feel when they get on rule34 sites and dig for content to smear people with 🙂

Given how well most of the things in the game are modeled, it offers a surprising amount of variety seen as how there aren’t a lot of people working on it.

In the typical breeder game you have a contrived reason for sex and you have to mate with as many creatures as possible. You get new creatures, distill some abilities and mostly just sit and take in all the rampant sex going on.

Especially true, if you are a furry fan and you’ve been scraping by on tiny flash games for a long time.

What surprised me is the decent camera controls. Many people are going to appreciate fine-tuning of what we get to see from the variety of activities that we can get ourselves into.

Also in traditional fashion, you can go around and collect milk and cum from the creatures – Nephelym. Then use those materials to further your progress in the game.

For the most part, priorities are well defined and the dev is usually focusing on good stuff to further develop. That means he hasn’t had the time to toy around with extensive tutorials and other slick onboarding things. Lucky for everyone the wiki has an active community, that helps along bridge any gaps of knowledge and purpose players may need.

The overall goal in the game is that you build your own ranch and expand the number of species that live on your land. One could say it’s close to a livestock farm game. Only for this one – in addition to the more traditional stuff, when the farmer sees a couple of horses banging hard, he or she usually wants a piece of that action and joins in. Clearly you can’t let the wild beasts have all the fun to themselves.

Breeders of the Nephelym is a respectable project, crowdfunded by a passionate fanbase and also managed to get a release on Steam. It curiously is also released for free, even though developer DerelictWulf could have treated it as a separate product and put a price tag on it for new people.

There is a bit of a pokemon vibe, where you have to use cum and milk to capture them, but it’s all fairly quaint.

You don’t have to battle them or anything. Grabbing the bull by the horns is overrated, especially when you can just grab him nicely by the big hairy cock 🙂

Though I think there is a realism complaint to be had here, as bull dicks probably aren’t hairy and orange-spotted. Not that I can very it with personal experience mind you!

Opening you to manage and seduce a variety of creatures anywhere from humanoid foxes to dragons. I’m pretty sure long-time furry fans would like a much larger variety. Given how things are going to the game we just might see that happen, as the project has been getting bigger and better all the time.

Plus we already have Kraken ladies, for some penis tentacle action. So given everything we’ve seen chances are whatever you think is missing will show up sooner or later. As the developer is doing good things with the trust of his patrons.


The guy apparently even found some time to code flexible floating and resizable interfaces for quality of life in the game.

You certainly know you are in the right kind of world when patch notes come out and contain things like:

“Adjustable dicks/dick system improvement.” and “Butterfly sex position added.”

An article clearly dedicated to my dear friend – Perun.

Wholesome family farming – no doubt about it!

You can go play it for free on Steam right now:

Steam – Breeders_of_the_Nephelym

And you can always pitch in with something to keep the show running at DerelictWulf’s Patreon page:




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