1★ Recruits

1★ Recruits

The Haremverse is a place of lust, freedom, acceptance, and power. But power is not always something we should be after. Sometimes we need to enjoy the fruits of the Haremverse, even if they won’t do wonders for us in competitions and progression. 


We’re happy to introduce to you, the 1★ recruits of the Haremverse. Just as hot as any other recruit, just as gorgeous and appealing, just not that powerful. 


These eager ladies and gentlemen will appreciate you just as much, help you out in any way they can, but they won’t be as valuable in battles and orgies. Kind of like antiques on a shelf – pretty to look at and alluring to collectors, but not used in everyday life. 



Useful Info



  • 1★ recruits have 2 poses and 1 affection scene;
  • They are available to the Battle team (useful for new players); 
  • They are all Common in rarity;
  • They will not appear in the Champions and Club Champions selection



How to Obtain them



  • Villain Battles – 1★ recruits will be always available from specific villains.
  • Great Pachinko – 1★ recruits are available in the great pachinko as Shards. Play the Pachinko to get their shards! 



They won’t do wonders for you competitively, but they are gorgeous and will look great in your Harem! 

Give them a chance! 

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