Cross-Promotions Explained

If you’ve already collected Kobans by registering for another adult game from our special Sex Friends page or you already have Mizuki in your Harem, then you’ve taken advantage of our cross-promos. But what exactly are cross-promos and how you can benefit from them: find out all the information you need below. 

What’s a cross-promotion?

A cross-promotion or a cross-promo is a form of promotion that offers a reward for a certain activity. You’ve seen cross-promos in our games, for example, Hentai Heroes. The cross-promos there highlight another game or another platform and can be found on the top right corner on the City page, or in the page Sex Friends.

What’s the Sex Friends page?

The Sex Friends page gathers all different cross-promos present in Hentai Heroes in one place. To go there, click on “Menu” > “Sex Friends”. You’ll see all offers:  the completed and the ones which you can still do and get a reward.


I can’t see the Sex Friends page. What should I do?

In order to have access to the Sex Friends page, you should: 

    1. Lay on, or Harem Heroes on Nutaku. The cross-promos are not available on Eroges, Thrixxx and Esprit games
    2. Have an account older than 3 days


How to complete a cross-promo to get the reward?

Each cross-promo consists of several elements:

  • An illustration including the name of the game or the platform
  • The instruction which explains you how to get the reward 
  • The reward 
  • A button “Try it now” on which you have to click in order to complete the cross-promo and receive the reward

Each cross-promo has its instruction. Read it carefully!


3D SexVilla 2

If you want to receive the reward for 3D SexVilla 2, you’ll have to create an account on the platform Thrixxx, set up the game on your computer, create an account on 3D SexVilla 2, and go over the tutorial


Mizuki, Hentai Clicker cross-promo reward

If you want Mizuki, the hottest social media star, to join your Harem, carefully read the lines below:

  • Your Hentai Heroes account and Hentai Clicker account have to use the same email address
  • You have to use the same platform, which means the websites and, or Harem Heroes and Hentai Clicker on the platform Nutaku.  Note: it’s impossible to receive Mizuki from to Harem Heroes on Nutaku, or from Hentai Clicker on Nutaku to
  • Click on the cross-promo only after you have logged in both in Hentai Heroes and Hentai Clicker
  • You have to reach or have reached  level 3 000 on Hentai Clicker
  • Once you have reached level 3 000, go to the Sex Friends page and click on the button “Try it now”. You will be redirected to the site Hentai Clicker. Over there, you’ll receive a message telling you a reward is waiting for you on Hentai/Harem Heroes!


Oops, I clicked on the cross-promo button “Don’t show anymore”!

If you have clicked on the button “Don’t show anymore”, the cross-promo won’t appear as a banner on the City page anymore. But the cross-promo will always be accessible from the Sex Friends page.


What happens once the cross-promo is completed?

Once the cross-promo is completed, you receive the expected reward, and the cross-promo directly goes to the list of finished offers.


I clicked on the button “Try it now” but I didn’t receive the reward. Why?

Before completing the cross-promos, make sure that:

  • Your adblock(s) is(are) deactivated
  • You’re not in private mode
  • You’re not using a VPN

Indeed, these elements can prevent the cross-promos’ proper functioning.


I followed the instructions above and I still didn’t receive the reward for this game. What should I do?

It can take several minutes before receiving the expected reward. Please, allow for the changes to occur. If you still don’t receive the reward, log out, clear your cache and cookies, then log in to the game again.

If the problem is still present, open a ticket to the Support service: Settings > Support > Create a new ticket.

Ticket example:

Title: I haven’t received the reward for [name of the game]

Hello, I haven’t received the reward for [name of the game]…

This is what happened: [I followed the instructions], [I’m using an adblock, the private mode, a VPN]…


Don’t hesitate to add a screenshot to your ticket. With the screenshot, our technical team will save some time during the investigation procedure. For the screenshots, we recommend you to use this tool: This advice is valid for all the tickets you send to the Support service.


For Mizuki, Hentai Clicker cross-promo reward

Open a ticket like explained above. Our team will complete manually the cross-promo.

Once it is done, we’ll send you a ticket to let you know the cross-promo is completed. Then, go to Hentai/Harem Heroes!

If the message announcing the reward still doesn’t appear, go to the “Settings” on the game, then click on the button “Save”. You will now find Mizuki in your Harem!



Do you have any more questions? Let us know in Discord, Twitter or our Facebook group and we will update the post.

Hentairly yours,

The Kinkoid Team

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