Build-up your Harem and Character

Every Hero goes on various exciting journeys and loots all sorts of rewards along the way. Some rewards are useful, but sometimes we need to get rid of the ones we don’t need. For this reason, and many others, we have the Market – your one stop spot for selling junk, buying useful trinkets and charms, and upgrading your stats. 



When you open the market, you’re greeted by a colorful menu and a plethora of options. You can see all the different Shops, your Equipment, your Inventory and your Stats




Shops are one of the most useful tools for directly influencing your power in the Haremverse:


  • The Equipment Shop: offers powerful equipment to aid you on your journey;
  • The Booster Shop: offers fantastic boosters to temporarily improve your stats – particularly handy when it comes to Arena battles and Tower of Fame;
  • The Books Shop: the best place to buy books for your Harem recruits – Books raise the level of your recruits and make them stronger (because reading is fundamental). Keep in mind that the level of your recruits cannot exceed the level of your Character! – All the books in the world won’t raise Bunny to level 20 if your Hero is level 19 🙁
  • The Gifts Shop: The best place to raise the Affection level of your recruits – This shop offers various gifts, ranging from common (Grey) to Legendary (Purple). 


Character Sheet


The Character Sheet is where you can see your currently active Equipment and Boosters. From this screen, you can also directly increase your permanent stats by paying Ymen. Every level of your Hero unlocks 30 stat upgrades for every stat. It’s a pricey ordeal, but essential to being the very best, like no one ever was. 


  • You can mass upgrade your stats by clicking on the x1 Button. You have the option to upgrade a stat once, 10 times, 30 times and 60 times with one click. The price goes up significantly, but it saves time! 


Equipment and Booster Inventory


Your Hero has 4 different Inventory screens you can see from the Market. Logically, opening the Equipment shop will show you the Equipment in your inventory on the right side of the screen, under your Character Sheet. Opening the Booster Shop will show you the Boosters you own on the right side of the screen, under your Character Sheet


From your inventory, you can choose to either Equip or Sell your Equipment or Boosters

  • We advise against selling your Boosters, regardless of their power, because they sell for very little. You will find more use in them by actually using them for less important activities (Ex. Villain Battles)
  • High Level Equipment you don’t need should be sold. It sells for quite the buck later on 😉 


Books and Gifts Inventory


Unlike the Equipment and Booster Inventories, the Books and Gifts inventory doesn’t show your Character Sheet. Instead, it’s linked to your Harem recruits. You can upgrade the affection or raise the level of any recruit directly from the Market. Alternately, you can do that from the Harem Page. 


  • Just like with Boosters, we advise against selling common Books or Gifts. It’s better to use them and give them to your recruits. Even if they raise the XP or Affection by very little later on, they are worth more when offered to the recruits rather than being sold. 



All Equipment, Boosters, Books and Gifts in the Haremverse have Rarity. The rarity hierarchy goes as follows : Common < Rare < Epic < Legendary. Common items are the weakest in terms of stats and respectively, Legendary Items are the strongest. 


Markets will offer you a different rarity of items depending on your Hero level: 

  • Low level heroes will mostly see Common and sometimes Rare items in Shops;
  • High level Heroes will see mostly Epic and sometimes Legendary items. 
  • Regardless of your level, the Equipment Shop will never sell Legendary Equipment. It can be found instead in events, Pachinko and special promotions


Restocking the Market 

All shops are reset every 8 hours. If you buy all items in a Shop, or don’t like the current selection, you will see a timer telling you when the next Free restock will be. You may also choose to manually reset the Shop for a price in Kobans

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