Pachinko Feature

What is Pachinko?


Pachinko is the place where you can gain all kinds of items, avatars,  every haremette available in the game or girl attraction shards. If you want to try your luck, you need to have Kobans or Orbs. Only the Great Pachinko requires Ymen. You always win awards when playing the Pachinko. 


What are the different Pachinko types?


Event Pachinko 

  • Provides event-exclusive rewards
  • 4 games = High chance for 1 Event Girl or 1 Event Avatar (if any) and guarantees 3 Legendary Items.
    • Price: 1,800 Kobans (300 Kobans in Harem Heroes)/ 4 Purple Pachinko Orbs

Epic Pachinko 

  • Exclusive girls & Legendary Items
  • 1 game = A chance for 1 Girl or 1 Epic/Legendary Item
    • Price: 540 Kobans (90 Kobans in Harem Heroes)/Red Pachinko Orb
  • 10 games = Guarantees 1 Girl and 9 Items including 3 Legendary Items
    • Price: 5,400 Kobans (900 Kobans inHarem Heroes)/ 10 Red Pachinko Orbs
  • Draft = Guarantees 1 Girl letting you choose between two Girls.
    • Price: 6,000 Kobans (1,000 in Harem Heroes)/ Special Red Pachinko Orb

Mythic Pachinko 

  • Ultra exclusive girls for a limited time
  • 1 game = Gives a chance for 1 Girl or 1 Legendary Item or Avatar.
    • Price: 150 Kobans (25 Kobans in Harem Heroes)/ Orange Pachinko Orb
  • 3 games = Gives 10 Attraction shards and 2 Legendary Items or Avatars.
    • Price: 840 Kobans (140 Kobans in Harem Heroes)/ 3 Orange Pachinko Orbs
  • 6 games = Gives 25 Attraction Shards and 5 Legendary Items or Avatars.
    • Price: 1,980 Kobans (330 Kobans in Harem Heroes)/ 6 Orange Pachinko Orbs
  • You get 1 Free game every 48h. The pool of 3 girls changes every 48 hours, except when there is an exclusive event  and the change is every 12 hours. 
  • All the girls from past events are there, including Girls from Legendary Events, girl rewards for completing event missions and Pachinko girls.

Great Pachinko 

  • Wide selection of rare items
  • 1 game = 1 Item with a chance of it being Legendary. 
  • 10 games = guarantees 10 Items including 1 Legendary Equipment.


  • You get a free game every 24 hours.         
  • The Great Pachinko costs
    • / Ymen and increases gradually depending on the level of the player.

    I won a Girl from the Pachinko but I can’t find her in my Harem. Where is she?

    In this case, it is most likely that you have won an avatar. Go to your profile page, click on the pencil in the bottom right and go to the avatar tab. You will see the girl avatar there.

    I played Pachinko but instead of a girl I got an item. Why?

    Every game guarantees an award, but it’s not always a Girl. The Pachinko game you played gives you a chance to win but does not guarantee a girl. But the item will help you get ahead in the game and improve your Harem.


    I’ve rolled x1000 Event Pachinko, but I didn’t get a girl! Why?

    The price for a guaranteed Event Girl would be too high in Kobans to be attractive for players so we leave it to chance. Event Pachinko includes powerful Legendary items and gifts for your girls which you can use to boost your ego and make your team more powerful!

    Why can’t I play the Mythic Pаchinko?

    If the button of the Mythic Pachinko is inactive, it means that you already have all the girls from the pool in your Harem. Good job! Check for new girls in 48 hours.

    What happens if I win more shards than I need to attract a girl? 

    The difference in Affection shards is transformed into Affection items.

    You can find out more about the Pachinko Orbs here.

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