Nom : Lorenzo Martinez
Versions : Lobo, Lobo de Noël, Lobo aimant, Lobo Garou, Silver Lobo
Anniversaire : September 26th
Lieu de vie : Begin City
Profession : Hero Recruiter
Plat préféré : Barbecue
Loisir : Hunting
Perversion : Orgies

Description :
Being part of the Wolf Clan, he is able to travel across dimensions. Lobo and Bunny have been rivals since adolescence in their mission to recruit heroes of parallel universes. Unlike Bunny, Lobo has a dominant side that gives him a lot of success with the guys of the Haremverse. Proud and manly, he’s a real animal in bed and there’s no doubt you’ll howl with pleasure.


Lobo de Noël                      Lobo aimant                          Lobo Garou                       Silver Lobo

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