Name: Gregor Arkh
Versions: Gregor, Val Gregor, Grillmaster Gregor
Birthday: June 25th
Location: “Fairy Dicks” tavern
Career: Mercenary
Favorite food: Skewer
Hobby: Cinema
Fetish: Public transports

An expert Mercenary Mage, he’s part of the “Fairy Dicks” guild, fighting against monsters and criminals. Powerful and outgoing, he controls fire power like no one else. In short, he’s hot! Especially in public transport. No one understands how, but as soon as he sets foot on a train, bus, or similar, a heat awakens at the base of his back, so intense that he can’t stop his cock from hardening. At that moment, he needs a man, or two. Doesn’t matter, but he needs to fuck…


Val Gregor                             Grillmaster Gregor

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