Name: Niko Westcoast
Versions: Cop Niko, Hypnotized Niko
Birthday: May 23rd
Location: Hamelin Town
Career: Policeman
Favorite food: Cheese
Hobby: Photography
Fetish: Exhibitionism

Niko is an underground artist who likes dark and primal settings and enjoys indulging in rap battles where he can express all his latent aggression. He produces himself on stage to realize his fantasies and express his bestiality, and not for the money, which he finds impure and contradictory to his lifestyle. Very dominating, he likes having his cohort of docile (and consenting) males, that he uses and abuses for his personal pleasure. His dominant male soul expresses itself magically under the guise of a tentacular aura. Rejected by the Ninja Village where he grew up for unknown reasons, he never forgot his values of justice and order. It’s for that reason he became a cop.

Hypnotized Niko

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