Name: Stephen Bottomsup
Versions: Stephen, Barman Stephen
Birthday: April 13th
Location: “Fairy Dicks” tavern
Career: Barman
Favorite food: Skewer
Hobby: Parties
Fetish: Brutal sex

Previously member of a demonic guild, this young man works now for the “Fairy Dicks” guild, alongside Armin who recruited him among them. He takes care of his friends’ morale with limitless devotion. However, one mustn’t annoy him! Lay a hand on his friends, and he’ll transform into a demonic abomination. No one knows where this power comes from… He himself doesn’t know. His powerful muscle features and titanic cock coupled with savage pelvis thrust abilities have pleased several fans of violent sodomy. Even though he’s not against bottoming from time to time.

Barman Stephen

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