The Future of Clubs

Hello heroes!

2 Weeks ago, we launched with success the new social feature in Hentai Heroes. And you welcomed it with a huge interest. Across all versions of the game, more than 2500 clubs were created and dozens of thousands of players banded together within them. As we continue to work on their stability and to polish the current version, we want to share with you what we are working on regarding this specific feature.

In a similar manner of our rework of the PVP done in the first half of 2O18, the Clubs will experience numerous additions during the upcoming months. These will happen gradually and their mechanics will be described in more details, with their final numbers, in each of their respective patch notes related to their release.


Strength in unity

As a social feature, we desire that players gather together, receive some bonuses, without making the Clubs a mandatory feature, of course.

One of the incoming features of the Clubs is a system of “request”. It will provide the ability to each member of the clan to ask  other members for a small amount of energy, combativity, experience books or gifts for the girls. To celebrate the donation from the player, he will be awarded  with some experience and ymens. In that way, some of the most powerful players of the game can lend some of their strength to help other club members. These requests will be limited to the quantity of resources requested and also, a player will  be only able to do a specific amount of requests per day.

Another incoming point that will  attract players to join a club is the fact that the Clubs will give a passive boost to some statistics and gains. All members will, for example, receive a small boost of income everytime they win some ymens. The highest level the clan is, the more interesting will the bonus be.

Currently, we are thinking about the following bonuses:

  • Hardcore stat (0.5% per level)
  • Charm stat (0.5% per level)
  • Know-how stat (0.5% per level)
  • Endurance stat (0.5% per level)
  • Harmony stat  (0.1% per level)
  • Experience gain (0.5% per level)
  • Ymens gain (0.5% per level)

Please remember that these numbers are a work in progress and may not be the final ones.


Time to enlarge your Club!

Club’s levels? Yes, we are working on implementing the ability for the players to invest in their clubs to upgrade it and make it even shinier and sexier. To do so, players will be able to provide donations in kobans or ymens to help improve their clubs. Apart from the boost to the stats that we already spoke about, the main interest in upgrading players clubs is  being able to augment the number of members. As the level of your club will grow, you will be able to recruit more and more members, that way, increasing the possibilities of each member.

As a club grows, there might need some more organization and we are working also to provide a full hierarchy system in which the clan leader will be able to give some specific rights to other members. That way, they will be able to help the club leader in his management of the club.

Another way to improve your club and make it more unique will be to personalize it. Our first focus will be to provide more different pre-made logos to be able to change from the current one. On the long terms, also, we desire to work on a logo editor in which you will be able to create your own logo based on specific preset that we will provide you. We really want you to take ownership of the Clubs,  as you make them yours.

These a proof of concept of new logos that might be used in the future.

The elements that we want to make customizable are the following :

  • Background shape
  • Main color
  • Secondary color
  • Main element
    • With predefined positions (but could be selectable)
  • Secondary element
    • With predefined positions (but could be selectable)


And beyond…

That’s not everything we have for you regarding the Clubs. We will also add  some extras for you to be able to organize some competitions between clubs, making sure that these are totally optional. As we want to make it very special, we want to integrate new system for participating and competing  between players that will be really focused on your harem and the girls within it.

Now, regarding this, it will require from you a bit more patience as these competitions deserve a full fledge presentation whenever we are advanced enough to explain them to you.

We would like to thank you for your attention to our new social feature. Stay connected heroes, because we will still have many news to share with you!

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