A Legendary Hero!


Greetings heroes!


The winter days are perfect for a hot date with a hot Legendary guy!

This December is devoted to a brave man, to a hero, to a Legend! Let me present you Yugo!


This courageous man has never been a victim: he has saved this world many times. Thanks to him, now you can enjoy all these handsome Haremverse creatures. Yugo is the adventurer, the explorer, the experimenter not only when it comes to fighting, but also when it’s time to get hot and heavy.. This guy is a real sexual hero! You will be dazzled by his bold deeds, I promise you!


His next brave initiative is to become your fearless pleasure giver and explore new sexual horizons with you. But the Dark Lord has already captured him to upset all these heroic plans. And now, he needs you so much…You can save that horny rebel from December 20th to the 24th. Free him because Yugo is not easy to find – he is one of a kind!





Kinkoid Team

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Kinkoid Studio

Kinkoid Studio

Kinkoid is an independent game studio providing positive sexy entertainment to the world.

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