Bug Exploit Discovered – 349 accounts banned

Dear Heroes,

As a gaming company that prides itself on fairness and positive experiences, it is paramount for us to follow a set of rules and guidelines to ensure that nobody can break this fairness and spoil this positive experience. It occurs in almost every company that deals with software and games, that sometimes a bug will appear that is not immediately visible. Certain bugs, if exploited, can offer an unfair advantage which breaks the game economy and breaches the developer-player trust.

That being said, we were made aware of a bug exploit that caused the cheaters involved to reap ridiculous amounts of Kobans and using it for unfair game progress. We will not go into details as to what the bug was and how if was produced, but the effect it had on the game economy was massive. The bug was fixed immediately upon inspection and is not an issue anymore.

Unfortunately, 322 Hentai Heroes players and 27 Gay Harem players decided to exploit this bug. This is a clear violation of our Terms of Use and Legal Agreement. As a result, the abuser accounts have been permanently banned from our platform and will be unable to play any of our current and future games. As this is not the first time we’ve experienced bug exploits and commotions related to cheating, we’re also in discussion on whether we should take further and legal action against the violators.

The bug has been fixed and we would like to thank the players who reported it to us. Thank you for trusting us and thank you for not exploiting an error in order to keep the balance of the game.

We’re happy to have such a supportive and loyal community and we’re glad we can trust our players to stay fair and honest in such times.

We wish you a wonderful week ahead.

Hentairly yours,


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