Epic Days 2 – Meet Greta and Adelaide


My Dear Hero,


The Epic Days are coming tomorrow!


And our Epic girls are waiting for your company! Wait for an Epic sexual experience, for the crazy EPIC DAYS 2!

I am warning you, tomorrow you will be hijacked! Greta and Adelaide will join the Haremverse to use all the force of their dangerous beauty. And you will be taken away…from the everyday life!


Impress Greta with the might of your cock and become the muse of a horny carpenter. This girl loves to incorporate various objects into her most creative work – being intimate with you!

Ahh, and Adelaide. She is expecting you at her church from Monday until Friday, from late noon until midnight to baptize you in her holy breasts!

Charm them, turn them on and set them free from the wicked Dark Lord and Ninja Spy. The epic girls so much rely on…You. Even after the event, they will be available in the Epic Pachinko, exclusively for you!




But are only two girls enough for an epic sexual experience?

Epic Days 2 will aim to fulfil your great sexual power with more…Looking for great sexual heroes, Vashalanor, Liu-Yeng, Lupa and Gossy will keep rocking the Haremverse world!



Kinkoid Team

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Kinkoid Studio

Kinkoid Studio

Kinkoid is an independent game studio providing positive sexy entertainment to the world.

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