Gay Harem Kink Survey Results

Hi gaymers, 


The Gay Harem Kink Survey was conducted to help us evaluate your satisfaction and desires related to the variety of the game in general.   

The Survey was answered by almost 4, 000 players. Here are the results: 


Our first question was whether or not you are satisfied with what Gay Harem currently offers in terms of variety and the majority of you, 84.3% to be precise, are happy with what GH has going on. 11.8% are neutral and only 4% of participants are not happy or think it could be better. 

After we found out how you feel about the variety, we wanted to ask you what you think we can offer more in terms of body types and sizes. Here are the results:

Bigger cocks, bigger butts, taller guys muscled guys and twinks seem to be the top favorite archetypes. This got us excited! A lot of you also consider that we need to add more older guys, dilfs and daddies to the game. 


The next thing we wanted to know was how you feel about hair and body hair: 

This looks like a pretty tough category because pretty much all options got the same amount of attention, except for hairless guys (14,7%). We see that the most requests are for unnatural hair tones and redheads, as well as hairless cocks with hairy guys and hairy strongly suggested as well. 


In regards to Ethnicity, we got the following results

We strive to have representation of as many races and ethnicities as we can and your feedback is greatly appreciated. We take these results to heart! 


The next topic was Mythical humanoid creatures. 85% of you want to see more mythical guys: 

It looks like the majority of players would love to see some dark erotic fantasy going on with vampires, werewolves, demons, angels and godlike guys.


The final topic we touched on was working with pornstars and adult influencers to promote the game, join the team as affiliates and maybe, if possible, be in the game one day. 79.4% of you would like to see that happening: 

Although this is something we can’t promise as it doesn’t entirely depend on us, we’d like to pursue the possibility. 


Lastly, we’d like to award 150 Kobans to 15 players who participated in the survey. The users were picked at random from all the players who participated: 458497, 13005, 234054, 133010, 326760, 131917, 249101, 16454, 239696, 457207

Nutaku: 130971, 127328, 57350, 13109, 74449


We’d like to thank all of you for participating in the survey. The results and feedback have been shared with our Art and Content team. The team said these results are very useful and will be taken into account for future content in Gay Harem. Your voices were heard and your opinion matters. 


Hentairly yours, 


The Gay Harem Team

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