Happy New year and Welcome in 2019



Dear dear players,


2018 was a crazy year for Harem Heroes and for us at Kinkoid! After the launch of the game and the first year of live development, we’ve gone full throttle and worked really hard to provide you with pleasure and to improve the Haremverse as much as we can. We promised you a lot at the end of 2017 and we have gone beyond our words to deliver on that promise and bring you even more! Bunny welcomed more and more players into the hottest and sexiest place of all time! Thank you all for appreciating all our efforts to improve the game! We are really proud of what has been accomplished thus far: none of this could have been done without you all.


So what happened?

Throughout the year, more than 100 gorgeous girls joined the game, making sure that you can have the biggest and sexiest harem. Inspired from all your favorite fantasy worlds and phantasms, we made sure that they were the focus of the whole game during 2018. The adventure continued as you saved the virginity of Lenaëlle and the world in the Plain of Ritual. As a new evil looming upon the Haremverse revealed itself, you went to the University of Heroes to prepare your most sexy technique, passing the exams with huge success. But now one of your comrades took you to the Ninja sacred land in which some mysterious misdeeds seem to occur…

Simultaneously, we began the period with a big project that touched a lot of different features and introduced a lot of changes. Our focus was to make the experience of the Player versus Players more rewarding and places like the Arena and the Tower of Fame more interesting for everyone. The Arena became free for everyone and we improved and deepened the harem’s performance feature by introducing the domination scheme and the harmony system.



Since the Arena provided a casual and chill experience, we wanted to bring something for the players that wanted something more intense and competitive. That’s the reason behind the introduction of leagues within the game in which players could measure up against each other for amazing rewards.

We are very happy with the results and we have seen tremendous growth in the usage of these features. Seems like most of you are not afraid of a little competition. Bunny is very proud with you. ;)



And speaking about Bunny and the other lovely girls in the Haremverse, we are very proud with one particular improvement we did this year. We know how much you like the girls and are interested in them, so this year we created the new harem interface, which includes personal information about the girls. We wanted to make sure that you can know the most about these sexy damsels. It was quite a lot of work to ask every single one of them for their birth date and favorite food or fetish, yet we are sure it was worth it just to bring you these sweet confidences about your favorite women.


Another important point touching the girls was the affection rebalance we did earlier this year and the introduction of the rarity of girls. Most of you agreed that the previous system was not really rewarding! The introduction of the girls’ rarity fixed this situation quite elegantly and gave us the opportunity, next to the possibility to rebalance the stats of all the girls, to introduce a new kind of events that received a keen interest from your part: the Legendary Days. We wanted to introduce an event more condensed and focused only on one girl, making her the sexy shining star of the Haremverse for the duration of the event.



Our latest big feature released this year was a huge acknowledgement that even with the hottest girls, even with the horniest gameplay and the sexiest story, we would be nothing without you, our players. And we wanted to bring you closer, to give you an ingame platform in which you could exchange, meet and gather together. This materialized in the form of the Club feature, released in October. Since then more than 2000 clubs have been created! This huge interest from your side motivates us to work on the improvements yet to come. The current feature is just a first step and is the core around which we will build more and introduce other activities and gameplay elements.


What’s next?

As stated previously, 2018 was super busy and active on our side. We are pleased that you welcomed most of our changes with a lot of love and interest. This means we need to work even harder in 2019 to bring you even more lewd girls, more funny parodies and even more kinky moments!

One of our big project for this new year will be to work to complete the club feature that we released. If you want to know more about what that entails, we shared a presentation in the past and its content is still up to date.


An improvement that will come in early 2019 will be to enhancement of one of the core elements of the game: the seduction of the girls and the extension of your harem. Currently during an event you are competing against the villains to get a chance of obtain the attention of these exclusive girls. Yet you have no impression of progression and are feeling sometimes the stress of not being able to recruit a new member in your harem as the event is closing up. We considered that these were opposite to the feelings that we want for the game. We wanted to add a system which would complete and improve the current one while still providing the thrill whenever you are able to seduce a girl and make her join your harem. So next year as you fight villains, you will be able to collect girl-specific rewards that, with accumulation, will make her join your harem. Think about it as a foreplay before she unites with you.

We are very thrilled by this as we know it would improve highly your overall experience.


Of course, we will continue making improvements like this as we desire to make the game clearer and its interface easier to understand. We are also working to give you the option for push-notification in the game, providing you an easy way to keep you updated regularly in a non-intrusive way. And it is only a slice of all our improvements planned for the game.


Lastly, we hinted about this last year, the huge success of Harem Heroes (which we will be forever thankful to you for) gave us the opportunity to grow our team and begin to explore new horizons and new ideas for games.  This is a new adventure for us and we are very excited to share it with you as we continue to develop Harem Heroes in parallel to these projects. We are convinced that we will have more information about these games to share with you in the near future. Stay tuned (and horny) for more.


Thanks to all of you, 2018 was amazing, and we are ready to make 2019 even better and sexier!


Hentairly yours,


The Kinkoid Team.

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