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We would like to provide you with more information about the new big thing in the Haremverse, the Leagues. We are sure that it will bring you a lot of excitement and competitive spirit but before that let’s make things more clear. Here you will find some of the most probably asked questions when it comes to a new feature:

1/ Where can I go to compete in the Leagues ?

  • You can find anything related to the leagues inside the Tower of Fame, in the city screen.

image.png  image.png

2/ What is the goal of the Leagues?

  • The Leagues were created to provide a new challenge for the competitive players in PVP. One in which they have the ability to select more strategically their opponent to optimize their ranking up.


3/ How do the Leagues work ?

  • Your ranking within the leagues will be determined by the amount of points you can gather during the season. To win points, you  need to challenge opponent, using challenge tokens. In case of victory, you will win 3 league points and only one in case of defeat.


4/ What rewards will the Leagues provide?

  • Every combats will be rewarded with experience, depending on your opponent level. Also, at the end of the season, you will receive a nice reward depending on your result within it.


5/ How long will a season last ?

  • A season will last for 2 weeks.


6/ How many players will be included in a league?

  • Each league will be composed of groups with between 100 and 199 players.


7/ I can’t participate in the Leagues, why ?

  • It is probably because you have not reached level 20, yet.. Whenever you will level up, you will be able to compete in the Leagues next season.


8/ I don’t want to participate in the Leagues, how can I do that ?

  • The Leagues are totally optional as a feature. They are designed  to increase the rewards in the game yet are not mandatory in order  to upgrade your harem or to advance in the story.


9/ How many leagues are there in total ?

  • There are  9 leagues in total. Yet, when launching the feature, 5 will be available.


10/ What will be the name of each league ?

  • The names will be the following:
    • Wanker I
    • Wanker II
    • Wanker III
    • Sexpert I
    • Sexpert II
    • Sexpert III
    •  Dicktator I
    • Dicktator II
    • Dicktator III


11/ What is the best strategy to obtain a high rank in the Leagues ?

  • The best thing to do is to fight with as many players as you can and try to focus first on players you are sure you will beat  as you will be able to fight only with the members of your group during the season.


12/ How can I challenge an opponent ?

  • In the Leagues tab of the tower of fame, you will be able to challenge opponents by  selecting players from your group. A challenge will cost you a singular challenge token.


13/ How can I obtain these Tokens ?

  • Every 60 minutes, you will receive one. You can stock them up to 5 in total. If you want  to continue your ascension in your group without waiting, you can use kobans to recharge fully your point. The price rate is 0.06 kobans according to the time left.


14/ The current season is coming to an end, what will happen to my rank afterwards ?

  • If you are among the top 15 players of your group, you will be placed in the superior league, but only if there are enough players to form at least one group.
  • If you are in the bottom 15 players of your group, you will be demoted to the inferior league.
  • If you have 0 league points, you will also be demoted


15/ A player has an equal number of points to mine, why am I below him in the ranking ?

  • It is probably because the player has obtained his points before you. The system will register first the players that obtained this total of points at the earliest time and will prioritize the player that obtained them sooner. If this doesn’t resolve the tie issue, however, the system will look at each player’s levels and prioritize the lowest level between the two.


16/ If I stay in the same league, will I be in the same group ?

  • If you begin a new season in the same league, the group you were in the previous season will be disbanded and new groups will be created randomly with all the players that are currently in the league.


17/ What rewards  will be obtained at the end of the season ?

  • Every reward is based on the difficulty of the league – the higher you go, the higher will be the reward. You can see these rewards by overing upon each league logo on top of the tower of fame.


18/ I saw that I could win combativity point in the higher league, but what would happen if I receive them while I’m already at 20 ?

  • It will just go beyond 20, no point will be lost.


19/ I just received a message that told me that you couldn’t create a league for me. What’s happening ?

  • It is probably because there are not enough players to form at least one group in the next league. For the time being, you will stay in the current league until there are  more players promoted.


20/ When will the next season begin ?

  • Immediately after the current one, the next one will be launched automatically. There is no rest for the wicked.


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