Valentine Event

Hey, ardent healers!


Forget about the cheesy love messages, the kitschy souvenirs, and all the sentimental clichés! It’s time to spend 5 passionate Valentine’s days with a fallen angel! From the 13th (2 pm UTC+1) to the 18th (2 pm UTC+1) of February the most amorous babe in the Haremverse will steal your hearts to have an intensely throbbing romance with you!

That’s right! Cupid is her name and spreading her legs is the game! 


Flying with her beautiful wings and showing her heart-shaved pussy, this playful hottie aims to inspire love and wet dreams around the world. 
And she falls in lust so easily that she will love every bone in your body but there is one she is particularly fond of…That’s why the more juices Cupid gets, the more love she can spread all over the world!

So who could be a better guardian of love than this winged babe with a big heart and even bigger sexual desire!? 
But being the Haremverse Angel of Sex seems not to be an easy undertaking, especially when the Mist threatens to infect all the girls with frigidness, including Cupid. If her insatiable sexual desire disappears, the angel of love will be completely destroyed and replaced by her darker, wicked version, aiming to create a cruel heartless world!

Now the holy Angel of Sex needs you and your potent Mojo to fill her love tunnel with loads of love and combat the Mist!!!


And here’s what you need to do in order to have the most amorous babe in your Harem!

First, you will be able to play the Valentine event if you have been a passionate lover in the office and your stage there is over 1 250.
Also, the event will consist of a few stages which will give you the following rewards:

And stage 1 250 will reward you with the lustful Cupid!

And don’t forget to click on the Event banner which will give you access to the event:

In order to reach every reward stage faster, you should level up the girls in your Harem. Also, you can use the event Forge where you can receive Mojo and Affection. The Crafts and the Shop will help you to advance much quicker!

Be a Hero! Save an Angel!

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I love putting sexual tension in everything I write here. So if you feel turned on while reading the news on this site, I can be satisfied. Yes! I truly want you to find here what your kinky hearts desire! To all Spanish speakers: I’m watching you! ;-)

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