Winter Event

Hey, hot healers!


A white blanket is covering the land and everything disappears under big piles of snow. Fingers and toes are numb when the ice cracks underfoot. Let it snow as nothing can freeze the warm cum and the fire burning within!
From the 23rd of January (2pm UTC+1) to the 2nd of February (2pm UTC+1) you will melt the ice together with the most desirable girl this winter – Lusamine! And Beary will stay awake, tempted to taste your white honey!

Even though Lusamine looks so scorching hot, she has great freezing powers. Being a former snowman, this gorgeous girl can make ice as quick as a wink.
Armed with an ice katana, she is determined to stop the snowmen from regenerating. Lusamine is the leader of the resistance against this gang of icy freaks aiming to turn everyone into an insensible frozen figure. Strange as it may seem, she is a general without an army and the only one fighting against the snowmen in this long cold war. But despite that  this girl takes her job very seriously, willing to rescue everybody from the snowmen!

Sadly, Lusamine has only ice powers and she cannot save those who have already been frozen by the snowmen. Now she needs you and your hot Mojo to melt the ice! It’s the steamy passionate sex that will win the war!!!


So, what do you need to do to have this gorgeous lady in your Harem and cover her in warm cum from head to toe?

First, you will be able to play the Winter Event if you have done a good job in the Office and your current stage is over 1250!
And the event will consist of a few stages which will give you the following rewards:

And stage 2100 will reward you with the gorgeous Lusamine!

But that’s not all, hot healers! In the Gacha you can find Beary – the sexiest beekeeper!
Driven by her wild instincts, she wants to taste your sweetest thing and get fucked like an animal! Only then the forest flowers and the trees will bloom!

Don’t forget to click on the event banner in order to access the event:

Also, you can use the event Forge, the Crafts and the Shop that will help you to advance much quicker!


















                                                                        Do it! Melt the ice between their legs!


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I love putting sexual tension in everything I write here. So if you feel turned on while reading the news on this site, I can be satisfied. Yes! I truly want you to find here what your kinky hearts desire! To all Spanish speakers: I’m watching you! ;-)

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