A little bit of geography

Below is the draft of the map’s portion gathering the first worlds and quests you’re gonna play in the game. Try to guess which mangas we’re using here… 🙂  

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Works on hero’s moods

Some sketches of face expressions which let you picture situations our hero may meet 😉 These drawings are used during the dialogs, we have already hundreds of them for all

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Hentai darwinism

If Darwin had sketched some drawings on the evolutions of HH’s main character, it would have looked like that… for sure.  

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First sketch posted!

Thank you so much for visiting our website, believe us you are in the right place! Let’s start our blog with a yummy work in progress from the first scene

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For all our @nutakugames heroes: there is a new shiny account you can follow only for #Nutaku updates 👉@harem_heroes 👌
🥰Yes, lovers, you finally get your own Twitter account! I hope you love it as much as you love this one!
Love always,
Bunny 💋

In line with trends in anime, some more popular Vtuber channels have strong lewd undertones. Check out the whole article here:
➡️ #anime #manga #vtube #lewd

Where in the #heavens are you, hero? ☁️😟 I can barely sense your sexual energy 💦...I think you’re missing because you’ve been….kidnapped! 😱 🔎Judging by these feathers 🪶 floating in the air, you’ve been taken away by the Angels’ Pantheon! 😇
#hentai #manga

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