Music Festival in Town!!!

Fuck on the beat! In the harem world, June is about music! And finally, it’s here! Weeks ago, you bought lots of tickets for different concerts! Now, you have 14

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News, news, news!

Patreon Tiers are changing! We thought that they need to be improved, for weeks we were discussing what will be the best for you as supporters. Finally, yes, if the

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The game is live!

We are extremely happy to introduce you Harem Heroes, our license for Nutaku – the hentai gaming platform! Just click on the logo below, create a free account and enjoy

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Introducing our Patreon page!

Something great just happened, Kinkoid launched its Patreon page! This is where we’ll publish now all the exclusive work in progress, videos and latest news about Hentai Heroes! Check it

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Our first inking session video!

If you’ve visited our facebook page you’ve probably seen a post featuring the nasty mermaids sketch, here is what followed – the inking session video of the illustration! And soon

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Welcome to Hyrule!

Another yummy sketch from our game Hentai Heroes – Threesome with princess Zelda and the nasty fairy! This scene is included in the 3rd quest of the game, be ready!

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A little bit of geography

Below is the draft of the map’s portion gathering the first worlds and quests you’re gonna play in the game. Try to guess which mangas we’re using here… 🙂

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Works on hero’s moods

Some sketches of face expressions which let you picture situations our hero may meet 😉 These drawings are used during the dialogs, we have already hundreds of them for all

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Hentai darwinism

If Darwin had sketched some drawings on the evolutions of HH’s main character, it would have looked like that… for sure.

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The gaming medium is arguably the most successful one in inducing horror. It’s much more interactive than a movie and just as spooky as a book. And worst of all? The fate of the main character depends entirely on you. - #blog #kinkoid #gaming #halloween

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene! Kinkoid Staff members share their top 5 Halloween spooks! Get ready for a Halloween Quarantine Pandemic Stay-Home Special 🎃 - #kinkoid #Halloween #blog #special #TOP5

Outlast is the epitome of survival horror games. In order to survive, the player must either run or hide from enemies. Combat is not possible. Any attempt to fight back results in death. - #blog #kinkoid #gaming #halloween

Halloween is almost upon us and what better to do to celebrate it than some good ol’ horror games? We’ve searched far and wide for the wildest spooks, jumpscares, heart attack-inducing horror games out there! #blog #kinkoid #gaming #halloween

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