PVP 2 Overall Presentation

Simple Classes There will be a domination scheme which is a simple rock-paper-scissors mechanic, giving a Damage bonus to the dominating class. This will be implemented to give more identity

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2017 in a nutshell

We create history together! It’s not really easy going back into all that happened during 2017. It was a highly intense year. We held 14 awesome events, 11 of which

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Server-down Why?

Hello, dear all. First, let us thank you for being here!  Before few days, to be exact last Thursday 16th of November, we had a big problem with Harem Heroes,

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BIIIG Update!

Adventures World 9 Quest 3 is released: our sexy adventure continues as our hero needs to go through the Cave In Fire and encounters directly Finalemecia for the first time.

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Pachinko improvements

Hello, everyone. You noticed that books are not dropping from Great Pachinko now. That’s not a bug, but a great conspiracy for making you happier than before 😉 Yes! Instead

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What’s new?

Hello, all! As most of you know we are ones that like challenges! A few months back, we started a campaign called ‘’Gay Harem’’ and we never thought we could

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Superheroes have sex with each other all the time. But what would really happen if they turned their affections to us mere mortals? - #supersex

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Nature is awakening and with it raw sexual energy, let it flow through you as you welcome #Spring with the hottest new characters in the Haremverse 🍀👉

Hentai or porn? An age old question we attempt to answer -
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