Known and Fixed Issues

Hello guys, We opened this topic to update all of you quickly and easily on issues which are impacting all of you, the players. These issues have been reported via

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There are so many beautiful girls out there. How do you choose one? In the Haremverse, you don’t have to! When you decided to take that first step in the

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Path Of Attraction Event

A new type of event is here!    During the next five days, you have the unique opportunity to obtain two handsome daddies! Lewis (aka Bunny’s dad) and his good

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Path of Attraction Event

A new type of event is here!    During the next five days, you have the unique opportunity to obtain two exceptional new g̶i̶r̶l̶s̶ ladies! Louise (aka Bunny’s mother) and her

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Easter Hare Event

Happy healers!   This Easter season you are going to get a massive res-erection but only if you let the playful hare exchange her eggs for another set – yours! 

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Reporting bugs

You’ve found something that’s not working properly in the game and you want to let us know. The best way to do it is using the ticketing system. Our support

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Meet the Champions Part 2

Meet the Champions   With the recent releases of the game, we decided to review some of our features, starting with the Sex Champions.  Who are the mighty Champions and

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Pachinko Feature

What is Pachinko?   Pachinko is the place where you can gain all kinds of items, avatars,  every haremette available in the game or girl attraction shards. If you want

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Leagues and Leaderboards FAQ’s

The Haremverse is not only about adventure and seducing gorgeous ladies on the way. It’s also about comparing the size of your… Harem and competing with other heroes to get

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Castlevania Series Review

Hey there naughty!   If you know anything about the short history of gaming, Castlevania should at least be a familiar name people praise every now and then. Or you

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A very admirable part of the game - but also somewhat of a limitation - is that the game allows you to select your sexual orientation - straight, bi, or gay. -

#blog #gaming #review #article

Project QT is a surprising game coming out of China. A place where porn is about as illegal as @SouthPark -

#blog #kinkoid #game #review

Yareel is an adult dating oriented game, in which you create your avatar, assign their gender and sexual orientation, customize their appearance and kinks, and enter a cute little world of bars, flirts, hookups and fun. -

#blog #gaming #review #article

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