Patch Notes 23/01/09





  • Release of World 11 Quest 3 Part 1 : Your friend is in danger, but you’re kinda distracted…Will you be able to save him?



  • New animations are coming for every Pachinko
    • For performance reasons the feature will be automatically disabled on mobile



  • Four new types of notification icons will be added in the Town homepage
  • If more than one icon is applied for the same menu, the one with higher priority will be displayed. The icons will be listed by the following priority
  • All New content or feature will be designated by a big green exclamation mark.This includes:
    • New Pachinko or event girls are introduced
    • New quest is released (only for the players who have finished last quest)
    • New content for the Profile is released
  • If there is a Reward to claim, a treasure chestcan be seen
    • For ToF when League or Weekly rewards are available
    • When reward is available in the Daily Missions or Contests
  • Available Actions will be displayed withand will pop when
    • Free Great Pachinko game is available
    • New challenges in the leagues are available
    • When energy bar is full and quest is available
    • New opponents are available
    • Daily Missions are available but have not been started yet
    • When Market is refreshed
  • Harem Upgrade will be available when you see a green star

  • The Pachinko animations can be disabled from the settings
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