Patch Notes Week 17


New type of Event


Path of Attraction

Path of Attraction  is a totally new type of event that will give you more rewards:

    • There won’t be any Daily Missions to complete, Event Pachinko or guys dropped from the Villains
    • The event will start on 24.04.2020 5 am UTC +1 and will last 5 days.

  • Complete objectives and receive rewards for each completed objective
    • The objectives have to be finished in the listed order, meaning you can’t progress to objective number 5 if you haven’t completed objective 1.



  • Objective example “Win 10 PvP performances or spend X amount of ¥mens”



    • Rewards 
    • The rewards are separated into two types:
      • Free rewards, which are available to everyone, with the final 10th reward being an exclusive event Guy
      • Pass reward, will available to players who purchase the bonus Pass reward (7200 kobans) doubling the rewards and a second event guy after completing all the objectives
      • The objectives need to be completed only once in order to get both Free and Pass rewards
    • Due to player feedback objective “Finish in top 10 in a Contest”  has been changed to “Finish in top 20 in a Contest”


  • Path of attraction guys:


    • Lewis also known as Bunny’s Dad can’t get enough of you
    • A new challenger daddy has appeared! The kind and gentle Lobo’s Dad!
      Both of them will show you how things were done back in their days.




                                Mentor Bunny’s Dad       Lobo’s Dad

Balance changes


  • Some balance changes have been made in the Arena, PvP, Daily quests and Guy income timer.

Arena PvP and Daily Quest:

  • XP, ¥mens, Booster/Gift rewards from the Arena performances will be removed.
  • Improved Combativity, Book and Gift quality as a first reward in Daily Quest
  • Doubled XP in the Daily Quest and moved as a guaranteed second reward
  • Last reward in Daily Quest stays the same (x1 Mythic orb)


Income timers:

  • Grades 3, 4 and 5 have higher timers for collection (between 2 and 8 hours). Income per hour will not be changed.
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