Patch Notes: Week #26


  • New Quest release: World 8 Quest 7: “Convention and invasion”:  This quest has come to a conclusion! Time for a new adventure!
  • New world release: World 9 Quest 1: “Ardente Veritatis”


Legendary Contests

Be prepared for the sexiest and biggest contests!

  • Legendary contests will be released Thursday (25/06/2020)

Reminder: only the players who have been active 72 hours in the game before the beginning of the event and are above level 20 will have access to new legendary contests


Bug Fixes

  • Visual bug “Leagues visual fake refill” issue has been fixed 
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Hello all! I turn players' feedbacks and ideas into projects that improve our games. Besides, I take care of promoting what I love the most in Kinkoid games: the universe and the characters! I like interacting with the community. If you have any questions, feedback, or opinions, I'm here for you. See you soon on the HH FR Discord and the FR forum!

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