Patch Notes Week #31



  • New Quest release: World 9 Quest 2 “Rivalry”:  You’re ready to start your new adventure, but a rival hero is getting on your nerves. Show him who’s the real deal. 



New Contests have been added 


  • Who’s the best? 
  •  Win pvp battles in Arena and Leagues 
  •  Gain xp on player


  • Teach us Master! 
    • Sell Items

    • Charity is Investment Above All


  • Remove currency 
  • Sell Items


  • What’s this mess?
    •  Gain xp on guys
    •  Sell Items


 Daily Quests 

 Rewards from the Daily Quests have been improved

  • The first reward from the Daily Quest will be an Epic or Legendary Book or Gift or Combativity


New Pachinko Exclusive Guys


  • Tukaima Tukanyama
  • Sasha


Tukaima Tukanyama             Sasha 


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