Patch Notes Week #34




Some contests have updated objectives added to them


  • Eternal rivalry 


    • Challenge Champions objective has been added 



  • Show off in casinos


    •  Epic Draft, Mythic and Event Pachinko objectives have been added


  • Who talked about “corruption”?


    • Win PvP battles has been changed to Defeat players in leagues or arena
  • All contests (normal and Legendary) will start at 13:30 server time and will finish at 13:00 server time


Legendary Contests


  • Due to community feedback, we’ve improved the widget for Legendary Contests
    • Legendary Contests will now use the event widget to display the guy, his stats and affection shards 
  • More objectives have been added to the Legendary Contests 
  • From the home page, you will able to check your current League and rank instead of the top Leaderboard rank 

Legendary Contests



Legendary Contests #2 have arrived, waking up a demanding god from his deep slumber…and slumber is one of the many things he likes to get in deep and hard.

Agapios can bring war and violence to the Haremverse if he doesn’t get what he wants.

Be ruthless and tame him! 


I Am What The Gods Have Made Me! Either you ravage me senseless or I’ll ravage you…


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