Patch Notes Week #43



Places of Power 


  • Two new Places of Power have been added 


    • Part-time Purifiers 

Shinigamis need reinforcement to purify spirits. They can provide few authorisations for your guys to become substitute shinigamis.


    • Kinks on Air * available when Heroes University (world 10) goes live 

The Hero University wants to have some testimonies of what it is like for guys to be in a powerful harem. They ask you if some of your harem recruits are interested. 


* Above image is from Hentai Heroes, but Gay Harem will have the same interface design. 


    • Please note that you won’t be able to use same guys to complete several Places of Power missions at the same time


Leaderboards Arena

  • Оn Monday, 26 October 2020, you will receive your last reward from the Leaderboards. Any actions and conditions afterward will not be counted towards the Leaderboard
  •  Both the Arena and the Leaderboards will be replaced with a new feature, called Seasons



  • Our new feature Seasons will arrive shortly after, which will be a new progression with improved1 rewards. 
  • Themed monthly competitions
  • Seasons will be located in a new menu in the place of the Arena in the Town
  • It will work like a monthly-based event based on Mojo
    • Match making will be based on Mojo


We will reveal more information as soon as it hits the test servers! 

Stay tuned for more information!




First Purchase Gift 

  • Some players experienced an issue where the”First Purchase Gift” was grayed and could not be claimed. The issue has been resolved.



  • Please use a valid email when you register the game instead of  a temporary email address.
    Otherwise, you won’t be able to validate your account and receive support from us.
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