Patch Notes Week 11


New Feature 

Contacts Upgrade

  • You will be able to upgrade your Contacts thus increasing their bonus and undressing them.
    • To upgrade your Contacts you will need to collect a new type of currency, called Kink Points.

New currency


  • A new type of currency has been introduced in the game
    • Kink Points improve the bonus you receive from your Contacts.
    • Kink Points can be obtained from Daily Missions, Achievements, Events and Bundles.


  • Two new girls are added in the game
    • Trojoana can be obtained from the Gacha
    • Wagyu-chan will be obtainable after stage 12500

Wagyu-chan                                                    Trojana


  • The game will be set to use 100% of the width and height of your browser window.
    • This will make the game more readable and much more enjoyable.
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