Patch Notes Week #13

v. 1.18.2

New Feature

Girl Enhancements 

  • All Harem Girls can be Enhanced with new special items
    • The items can be found in Daily Missions, Events, Gacha or Bundles
  • Based on the girl’s bonuses, there are 3 types of enhance items
    • Click excitement
      • Cheap mojo nail polish
      • Concentrated Mojo nail polish
      • Deluxe Mojo Nail polish
    • Idle excitement
      • Mojo Candy
      • Handful of Mojo Candy
      • Pack of Mojo Candy
    • ¥-men
      • Marketing lessons for noobs
      • Marketing lessons for juniors
      • Marketing lessons for seniors

Enhancing your Harem Girls will unlock multipliers for them in the Office or Events when you level them up

  • Multipliers go from x2 up to x18

  • You can see the items that you own in your Profile → Inventory


Kobans name changе

  • Тo avoid confusion, Hentai Clicker Kobans will be renamed to Ryos


  • A new event is upon us! Let’s celebrate the Ishtar Feast together!

  • The Event girl’s name is Keira

Please help us improve the game by filling our survey! 

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