Patch Notes Week#8

UX Improvements

  • Tool-tips have been added in the Office & Harem 
  • Client optimization: Girls are cleared from device memory when they are not in use 
  • Notification for all the unclaimed achievement rewards has been added.
  • Improved Progression Bar in Events – the current progress of the bar will be a solid color, best progression bar before restart will be marked in a transparent color

  • Girls icons are bigger and more visible in the Gacha tooltips 


Bug fixes

  • “Exciting Flirt” now shows the bonus from “Stocking Investment” right away instead of on next stage 
  • Class-related idle girls bonuses are now applied right away instead of on next stage 
  • Event pop-up and event is fixed when an event was released, but the game was not refreshed 
  • Event Backgrounds are now properly aligned on the top edge of the game 
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