Patch Notes 03/04/19






  • Release of a new feature for the clubs : the Upgrades
  • Each Upgrade is providing one of the following bonuses
    • Member Cap (1 for Level)
    • Hardcore stat (0.5% per level)
    • Charm stat (0.5% per level)
    • Know-how stat (0.5% per level)
    • Endurance stat (0.5% per level)
    • Harmony stat  (0.5% per level)
    • Experience gain (0.5% per level) within
      • Quests
      • PvP arena
      • PvP Leagues
      • Daily Missions
      • Arena Daily Quest
      • ToF Rewards
    • ¥men gain (0.5% per level) within :
      • Villains Fight
      • PvP Arena
      • Arena Daily Quest
      • Daily Missions
      • League Season Rewards
      • Contests
      • Tower of Fame Rewards
  • In order for a club to Upgrade, all members need donate resources. There will be 3 options per currency
    • For ¥men:
      • 100 K
      • 1 M
      • 10 M
    • For Kobans:
      • 10 Kobans
      • 50 Kobans
      • 100 Kobans
  • The club’s Upgrades will cost the following :
    • From level 1 to 10 : 2,500,000 ¥mens, additional, for each level
    • From level 11 to 20 : beginning at 1,800 Kobans, the price goes up by 300 Kobans every level
  • The level maximum for one upgrade is 20
  • Any player can donate for any Upgrade level that is available any number of times.
  • Once the bar for that level has been filled, the Upgrade is done and all Club members get the bonus for it and the next Upgrade becomes available.
  • Once the maximum level is reached, you can’t Upgrade this specific part of the club.


Monthly Card

  • Release of the Gold Monthly Card, an upgrade of the current Monthly Card
  • The Monthly Card allows free collection of Money from Harem, x10 Troll fight and x15 Fights in the leagues
  • The old Monthly Card (now called Silver Monthly Card) will still be available
  • If a player has already purchased a card but wants to upgrade, he will be able to do so at any point
    • The resources remaining from the old card(s) will be automatically recalculated according to the new card ratio (1 day of the Gold is worth 3.34 days of Silver Monthly Card)
    • The purchase of a new Gold Monthly Card will be necessary to upgrade
    • Downgrade won’t be possible
  • The price is 999 Gold and will give 25 daily Kobans for a total of 750 Kobans.

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