Patch notes 05/02/2020



  • Changed to 24 hours period for each contest
  • Improvement of the rewards from the contest system 
    • For 1st place, players will receive 300/50 Kobans
    • 2nd to 4th place players will receive 120/20 Kobans
    • Combativity will be a reward instead of affection or low rarity items



    • For Classic events, the affection shards drop amount has been improved significantly 



  • The delayed 5-star quest grades for Pelagie and Bonny are getting released this Wednesday


Monthly Card

  • Release of the Platinum Monthly Card, an upgrade of the Golden and Silver Monthly Cards
  • The Platinum card will provide 10800/1800 Kobans for the month, 360/60 Kobans per day
  • The Monthly Card allows free collection of the following 
    • Free Salary Collecting from Harem
    • Free x 10 villains fight 
    • Free x15 Fights in the Leagues 
  • The new Card allows 50% off on the following items:
    • 50% off from Market reload
    • 50% off for Pachinko reroll 
    • 50% off from Daily Missions finish now an option
  • The new Card will allow Free Champion Multiple Performance and Shorter Rest.
  • If a player has already purchased a card but wants to upgrade, he will be able to do so at any point
    • The resources remaining from the old card(s) will be automatically recalculated and converted according to the new card ratio
      • Silver to Platinum ratio will be divided 10.03
      • Gold to Platinum ratio will be divided by 3.00
    • It will not be possible to have more multiple card tiers active 
    • The purchase of a new Platinum Monthly Card will be necessary to upgrade
    • Downgrading to lesser cards will not be possible while the player has a bigger card active
    • He must wait for the current one to expire in order to activate a different card 
  • The price of the platinum card is € 29.99


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