Patch Notes 06/11/19


  • Release of World 12 Quest 15 : What a horrible character this Jackson was! But thanks to you, angels of the Haremverse will take care his fate. It’s time for a good rest… Or is it?
  • Release of World 13 : Quest 1:



  •  The new world will introduce 4 new girls in dire need of a rescue. 
    • The Know-how Warrior Chiba
    • The Hardcore Healer Talissa
    • The mysterious thief Acadia will be Charm 
    • Last but not least, the Know-how Innkeeper Neono will aid you throughout this adventure. 



Chiba                                                                  Talissa







Acadia                                                                     Neono



  • World 13 villain will drop experience gifts when battles are won:
    • Epic rarity gifts will begin to drop when beating the villain up to level 350
    • Legendary gifts will start to drop when reaching level 400
    • Her base level will be 250
    • Her max levels will be 500
    • Villain will level up every 10 battles

Pandora Witch


  •  New quests will be released every two weeks
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