Patch Notes 07/11/18







  • Release of world 10 Quest 7 part 2 : It’s Devin’s turn to show his skills during the Know-how test ! Will he blow your mind ? Or will you ?



  • Release of our new feature – The Clubs
  • It is a social feature that will permit you to play and evolve in the Haremverse with your friends
  • You can be only in one clan at the time
  • All players will be able to join a club from level 1
  • Creating a club costs 100 kobans
  • When creating your club, you will be able to choose a name with a maximum of 20 symbols, space are counted
    • The first name change of the club is free then it will cost 100 kobans
  • The recruitment for clubs will have 3 status : Open, Requests Only and Closed
    • Open means that any eligible player can join the club
    • Requests only means that eligible player can request to join the club and the club creator need to accept the request
    • Closed means that no one can join
  • To join a club, you need to go on the club’s page and use the join/request button
  • Currently a club can welcome up to 20 members
  • Players can quit a clan or be kicked out of a clan by the clan leader without any restrictions
  • Each club will have an ingame chat to give the options to the members to discuss with each other
    • The moderation of the club chat is done by the club creator that can mute and delete messages


Tower of Fame

  • Release of a new tab dedicated to the clubs
  • All the clubs in the game will be listed there
  • The total amount of all members levels of each club is displayed next to its name
  • To search for a specific club, you will be able to use the club’s name or the club’s ID (that you can find in the club’s page)



  • Release of a new Background for the harem page.




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