Patch Notes 09/01/19









  • Release of World 11 Quest 2 Part 1 : What was this so important emergency for which one Devin bring you in his world? You’re about to find it out, if he manages to stop talking!



  • The diabolical and lovely Karole has entered the stage
    • Her starting level is 130 and will level up every 10 victories against her up to 310.
    • Karole will reward you with gifts
      • From level 221: she will have chances to drop Epic Gifts
      • From 266 and beyond : she will have chances to drop Legendary Gifts
  • Karole has taken possession of 3 gorgeous Ninja beauties (Rin, Toshiko, Willow). The 3 Kunoichi need to be saved from this foxy villain.
    • Rin – One of the smartest Ninjas in the village, she will blow you away with her agile and creative…thinking.
    • Willow –  Still unexperienced in her training, but has few tricks in her arsenal and she is not shy to show them.
    • Toshiko – Not enough information. Treat with caution.
  • These 3 girls will not be obtainable in the Epic Pachinko, so you have to defeat Karole to get them.












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