Patch Notes 09/05/19




  • Thursday we release of the World 12 Quest 2: You’re on board for your investigation on Jackson! Nice! But you don’t have any clue where to begin… It’s not like it will fall from the sky, right?



  • This thursday there’s the introduction of new special offers for the players,the “Bundles”! From the 9th of May, for every World after World 3, players get personalized offers according to their level.  Every player will have the bundle of his current World activated on his account .
    • World 3 “Ninja Village” Bundle costs 1.99 € and includes 100 Kobans; 1,000,000 ¥mens; 1,200 Energy and a “Japanese Monk” Legendary set.
    • World 4 “Invaded Kingdom” Bundle costs 1.99 € and offers 100 Kobans; 1,000,000 ¥mens; 1,000 Energy and a “Knight Armor” Legendary set.
    • World 5 “The Juy Sea” Bundle costs 3.49 € and offers 220 Kobans; 2,000,000 ¥mens; 1,500 Energy and a “Pirate” Legendary set.
    • World 6 “The admittance of the dead” Bundle costs 4.99 € and offers 350 Kobans; 4,000,000 ¥mens; 1,500 Energy, 40 points of Combativity and a “Dragon Knight” Legendary set.
    • World 7 “Magic Forest” Bundle costs 6.99 € and offers 460 Kobans; 7,500,000 ¥mens; 1,500 Energy; 60 points of Combativity and a “Magical Girls” Legendary set.
    • World 8 “Hamelin Town” Bundle costs 9.99 € and offers 600 Kobans; 12,500,000 ¥mens; 1,500 Energy; 100 points of Combativity and a “Psypowers” Legendary set.
    • World 9 “Plain of Rituals” Bundle costs 14.99 € and offers 700 Kobans; 20,000,000 ¥mens; 1,250 Energy; 150 points of Combativity and a “Greek God” Legendary set.
    • World 10 “Heroes University” Bundle costs 16.99 € and offers 1800 Kobans; 15,000,000 ¥mens; 300 points of Combativity and a “Back to school” Legendary set.
    • World 11 “Ninja sacred lands” Bundle costs 24.99 € and offers 2300 Kobans; 20,000,000 ¥mens; 400 points of Combativity and a “Sexy Magus” Legendary set.
    • World 12 “Splatters Archipelago” Bundle costs 29.99 € and offers 2600 Kobans; 15,000,000 ¥mens; 500 points of Combativity and a “Beach set” Legendary set.
  • The Attraction system gets an upgrade: when players fight a villain, their chances of getting Attraction points for the girls they’ve already attracted will increase. Thus, a player will be able to add a Girl to his Harem faster.
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