Patch Notes 12/12/18




  • Release of World 10 Quest 9 Part 2 : Hero seems to have surprised everyone a lot thanks to his training. It’s now time to impress Roko-senseï enough to pass the hardcore test.



  • Release of our new Pachinko dedicated to the events.
  • The rewards for this Pachinko will include Event girl, Legendary gifts, Legendary Equipments from the set of the event, Exclusive Proifle Page content.
  • The price of the Pachinko will be 1800/300 kobans.
  • Event Pachinko girls will not be available in the Epic Pachinko whenever the Event Pachinko is available.
  • This Pachinko will be available during revivals, for the moment.
  • First event to include the Pachinko will be on the 14th of December.



  • Increase in experience gained for victory in arena, especially for lower level players.


  • Increase in experience gained for finishing daily mission, especially for lower level players.


  • We optimized Javascript query to improve the overall performance of the game.
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