Patch Notes 19/12/19


  • The game will be unavailable on the 19th of December for one hour at 10:00 UTC+1.



  • This Thursday expect the release of World 13 quest 4: Finally, you’ve gained some power back. But how do you use it to return home? Maybe the answer was right in front of you the whole time?



  • This Thursday we introduce Tiers for Villains: a new feature to improve the balance of the game.
    • By default, the current Villain balance will be the first Tier of each Villain
    • When the maximum level of a Tier is reached, the next Tier unlocks
      • When  the Villain has been leveled-up:
        • Villain gets to max level (and stays there forever, for this tier)
        • The next Tier is unlocked and selected as default for the player
    • At the release,the higher the Tier, the more powerful the villain become:
      • Dark Lord with Tier 2 from level 30 to 80 and Tier 3 from level 80 to 140
      • Donatien with Tier 2 from level 130 to 260
      • Finalmecia with Tier 2 from level 260 to 480
      • Roko Sensei with Tier 2 from level 290 to 530
      • Jackson’s Crew with Tier 2 from level 350 to 615
    • You will be able to switch Tier as you desire
    • Each Tier will have its own skin
    • On Tier 1 there will still be 3 girls and for every new tier there will be a new girl to seduce
      • Akhates for Dark Lord’s Tier 2
      • Esperance for Dark Lord’s Tier 3
      • Xia for Donatien’s Tier 2
      • Bolt for Finalmecia’s Tier 2
      • Hima for Roko Sensei’s Tier 2
      • Balista for Jackson’s Crew Tier 2
    • On every new Tier, the Alpha girl of the Villain will be replaced by the drop girl
    • Beyond Tier 1, all Vilain will offer Ymen as rewards
      • Jackson’s Crew will give 500 Ymens plus 100 per level
    • For Tier 2, all affection’s win will be from 1 to 4
    • For Tier 3, all affection’s win will be from 1 to 3
    • Beyond Tier 1, all Vilain will win a level every 10 victories against them
    • If the player has already maxed up the Villain,  the next Tier will get unlocked and it will be the default one. 
    • During Events, the Villain Girls will be available at every Tier, so you will be able to choose which Tier you compete in. 
    • During Events, the Villain will have the special skin only for the first Tier, for the following he/she will have the default skin.



  • The mysterious Akhates will remind you of someone…but in a very obscure way!
  • Esperance is the King’s favourite but keep your eyes open, something is boiling in the pot.
  • The brave shinigami Xia will show you her hidden femininity  😉
  • Bolt was in danger after her last campaign against the Shokushu, she will give you something good!
  • Protect the skyline of your city, Hima is very horny and will have fun with the skyscrapers 😉
  • She was so evil, but now Balista have a chance to redeem herself.

Arkathes                              Esperance                                      Xia

Bolt                                Hima                              Balista

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