Patch Notes 21/11/19


  •  Release of World 13 quest 2 on Thursday: So you’ve found yourself in a strange new world with a strange new girl. What to do now? Let’s start by getting dressed!



  • Release of the new feature – Mythic Pachinko on Thursday:


    • 3 different types of pulls:
      • 1 game will cost 150/25 Kobans and will give a chance to receive 100 affection points for a girl of the rotation.
      • 3 games will cost 840/140 Kobans and will guarantee 10 affection points for a girl of the rotation.
      • 6 games will cost 1980/330 Kobans and will guarantee 25 affection points for a girl of the rotation.
      • Every rotation the player has the opportunity of a Free Spin option of “1 game”. 
    • There will be a global pool of girls that’s the same for all the players in the server
    • All the girls in the game will be in the pool (except Troll girls and Patreon Girls)
    • Every 48 hours 3 girls will be selected to be available in the pachinko.
    • When a new selection is available a “!” will appear on Town
    • If the player already won the girls of the selection, the buttons will become gray and not clickable
    • All the girls have the same chance to be selected


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