Patch Notes 24/04/19




  • Release of World 11 Quest 8 : Lenaelle seems to have an important request to ask you. She was really anxious when she contacted you. Here you are at the “Wet Dream” harbor to meet her. Start of a new adventure?
  • Release of World 12 : Quest 1: Put on (or down?) your pants and set sail: waves of lust and danger await you in the Splatters Archipelago!


  • The new world will introduce 4 new girls in dire need of a rescue.
    • The Know-how bartender Piper
    • The Hardcore prison supervisor Hanna
    • The mysterious Riley will be Charm
    • Last but not least, the powerful Hardcore angel Selena will aid you throughout this adventure, so be sure to please her angelic heart.

Piper                    Hanna




               Riley                                  Selena



  • World 12 villain will drop experience books when battles are won:
    • Epic rarity books will begin to drop when beating the villain up to level 250
    • Legendary books will start to drop when reaching level 300
    • His base level will be 150
    • His max levels will be 350
    • The affection drop will be between 1 and 3 for a girl
    • Villain will level up every 10 battles


Jackson’s Crew


  • New quests will be released every two weeks



  • Two new Pachinko girls were recruited by Bunny!  
    • The honors student Kimechi will show you how to behave in university. Don’t you dare misbehave around her!
    • Charming Merlinda will take you on a romantic date that will finish with a happy ending. Or start with one!

Kimechi Merlinda



  • Settings page on mobile has been optimized to better fit the screen.



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