Patch Notes 24/07/19 – 3 New Champions

Sex Champions


  • 3 new Champions are gonna be Added to the feature:
    • Ryu in Elites University
    • Visor in his own home
    • Alban in Sky harbor
  • Their Reward in ¥mens per impression point will be the following:
    • Ryu : 0.49 ¥mens per impression point
    • Visor : 0.61 ¥mens per impression point
    • Alban : 0.76 ¥mens per impression point
  • As with the current Champions, when you win phases 1-4 of each Champion, you will be rewarded with 2 pieces of legendary equipment from that champion’s set;
  • As with the current Champions, the last phase of the champion will have different and unique rewards
      • The special Champion Outfit (for ProfilePage);
      • The special Champion Background (for Profile Page);
      • The special Champion Theme (for Profile Page);
      • The exclusive Champion Guy;
      • After all above rewards has been received, the champion will reward the player with a Legendary Gift;





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