Patch Notes 29/01/20



  • The Daily Missions for each day of the Event will stay available for the duration of the whole event or until it has been completed. 
    • Players will have the option to do all of the Daily Missions before the end of the Event, but not after that
    • Players will be able to finish Daily Missions even if they have skipped a day, allowing them to obtain the reward 
    • Event Daily Missions have the same duration as before
    • Players will be able to follow the story of the Daily Missions better
    • In order to obtain a reward, the requirement changes to “Complete ALL the daily  missions”



  • Added option to perform multiple Champion battles at once
  • The x1 Battle is always selected by default
  • For more than one battle, Kobans and Champion Tickets will be used as currency
    • Each additional battle will cost 1 Ticket and +6/1 Kobans (HH and NU) 
    • Perform x2 will require 2 Tickets and 6/1 Kobans
    • Perform x3 will require 3 Tickets and 12/2 Kobans, etc. up to 10 battles

  • Champion Tickets can be purchased from the reception desk in the Champion section 
    • Reception desk UI screenshot:



  • Two beauties will be joining the Pachinko


    • The Demon whisperer Lucile 
    • The tiny but strong Minerva will bend her body to match all your fantasies 



Lucille                                                               Minerva

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