Patch Notes 31/07/19


  • Release of World 12 Quest 8:The jail was not a bad place after all, huh? And now you know your next destination. What new adventure is coming ahead?


Sex Champions

  • The rewards from stage 1 to 4 will give 1 legendary item instead of 2.



  • New leagues scoring system is based on the percentage of the remaining ego plus a guaranteed base score:
    • In case of win, the guaranteed base score is 15 and the Bonus is equal to 10 times the percentage of Hero’s Ego at the end of the Performance
      • Example: if the Hero ends up on 24% of his Ego the result will be 15 points plus (10*24%)=2 points; So 17 points, in total.
    • In case of loss, the guaranteed base is 3 and the Bonus is equal to 10 times the percentage of Opponent’s Ego lost at the end of the Performance
      • Example if the Opponent ends up the Challenge with 16% of ego left the result will be 3 points plus (10*(100-16)%)=(10*84%)=8 points; So 11 points
  • To minimize the impact of the changes on the next league rotation, these changes will be integrated at the end of the current league week, this Wednesday.
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