Patch Notes Week #29


Daily missions

    •  A new set of daily missions to explore



  • More information on member activity has been added
    • The diamond icon will be green, if the player was active in the last 1 hour.
    • If he was active between 1 and 2 hours it would change to orange.
    • If he was inactive for more than 2 hours, it would be empty. 




  • After payment, a pop-up will appear, showing all the items and resources you got 



  • An in-game notification will appear when a ticket has been answered with green “!” (In the dropdown menu)
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Hello all! I turn players' feedbacks and ideas into projects that improve our games. Besides, I take care of promoting what I love the most in Kinkoid games: the universe and the characters! I like interacting with the community. If you have any questions, feedback, or opinions, I'm here for you. See you soon on the HH FR Discord and the FR forum!

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