Patch Notes Week #7



  • New quest release World 13 Quest 7: According to some folks the great outdoors is great for the libido…find out what surprises await in the wild in this week’s quest! 
    • Warning: Some familiar faces may be seen in this chapter. Any connection to other game characters is purely intentional!

  • We are testing a new formula to balance out the energy in this chapter. Exposition scenes will cost less energy while sex scenes will cost more.
    Please, don’t forget to give us your feedback about the new balance when you finish the quest. It will be greatly appreciated! 


Daily Missions

  • 5 New Daily Missions have been added in the game



  • Two girls are getting new quest grades
    • Cunegonde and Sylvia are getting new 5-star quest grades 


New Feature 

Pachinko Orbs

Epic-Pachinko-Draft.png  Epic-Pachinko-x1.png  Epic-Pachinko-x10.png  Event-Pachinko-x4.png  Mythic-Pachinko-x1.png  Mythic-Pachinko-x3.png  Mythic-Pachinko-x6.png  Great-Pachinko-x1.png  Great-Pachinko-x10.png

The long-awaited Pachinko Orbs are finally here!


  • The Pachinko Orbs will be usable in the following Pachinko games
    • Epic x1
    • Epic x10
    • Epic Draft
    • Event Pachinko x4
    • Mythic x1
    • Mythic x3
    • Mythic x6
    • Great x1
    • Great x10
    • Note that  ten Epic x1 doesn’t convert to Epic x10
  • Pachinko Orbs can be won from the following places:

    • Villains 
      • Villains will have a chance of dropping an Epic x1 Orb

    • Arena Daily Quests
      • The last reward from Arena Daily Quests will be one Mythic x1 game Orb which will replace the 2 Champion ticket reward.
    • Leagues
      • Orbs will replace the Ymen Money reward
      • From Wanker III and up the top places will be rewarded with Mythic x1 game, Epic x1 game or Epic x10 games Orbs.
    • Epic Daily Missions
      • Replacing Ymen/Equipment rewards from Epic Daily Mission with a chance for Epic x1 game Orb.
    • Champions
      • Champions will now have an additional drop of one Epic x1 game Orb for the first three champions and two Epic x1 game Orbs for the second three champions
      • The orbs will NOT decrease the chance of obtaining the champion girls.


  • Explanation on how to use the Pachinko Orbs will be included in the in-game tutorial
  • Тo try out the new feature аll players will receive two Epic x1 Pachinko Orbs for free (Because touching two balls is better and more natural than one!)


Support System 

  • Starting from today, the support system in the game should only be used in case of Technical Issues and Bug Reports. The team won’t answer general game questions or questions about features. 
  • For all other types of queries, please ask the Player Community on Discord, Facebook or check out the Player curated Wiki – Harem Battle Club



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