Patch Notes Week #23


  • Contests & Path of Attraction Notification


    • Whenever there is progress on a contest or on a challenge in Path of Attraction, a notification will appear with the achieved progress and points gained from the task.


    • Example: If you are participating in the contest “Minds and bodies synergy” give experience to girls, a notification showing how much points you have gained towards it after you give an XP book.



  • Release hour
    • Reminder 

The weekly rewards of the Tower of Fame will keep being distributed at 00:00 (UTC+1) on Mondays. The hour remains the same even though we changed the release time of events


The release hours for events and all other updates remain 


  • 1 PM Server time (UTC+1), West Europe 
  • 7 am to 9 am South America
  • 4 am to 7 am North America



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