Patch Notes Week#24


  • New Quest release World 13 Quest 15  “The Nomura Plan”:



  • New design for Activities page
  • New girls images in High Definition, the images will load a bit slower but the quality will be better


Customer Support Service 

  • The email addresses used to contact the Support Service will be soon unavailable. 
  • In case of issue on or, we invite you to create a ticket via the ticketing system (Menu > Settings > Support > Create a new ticket). 
  • In case of issue on, we invite you to contact the Support Service via the forum. Afterward, a ticketing system will be set directly inside the game 
  •  In case of issue on Nutaku, Eroges, Thrixxx platforms, we invite you to contact the Support Service directly available via the platform 


Fixed issues 

  • Corrupted Girls event 
    • Event widget: Depraved Nika picture was appearing instead of Tainted Hari picture
    • Daily Missions: on the 4th of June, the first mission “Cum Quick!” of the event reappeared at the same time than the daily mission “Look Into My Eyes” 
    • To know more about the known and fixed issues, click here.
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